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WN3500RP - can't connect to meywork


WN3500RP - can't connect to meywork

I can't connect this to my LAN during initial setup. I reset the extender, but when I try to do a clean setup, if I use DHCP, I can connect to the network but get a message saying no internet. If I use a static ip setup, it doesn't connect, and I get the message that it can't get an ip address. Can anyone help me out with this?
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Re: WN3500RP - can't connect to meywork

Ok, I followed the directions in the quick start guide and reset the extender. I tried to connect to it (using the network manager on my Samsung Galaxy S10). I used the default setup, which is dhcp. This time, it won't connect and gives me the "couldn't get ip address" error. Please help.
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