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Which Netgear Router


Which Netgear Router

I want to buy a router. Wirecutter.com says get the Netgear r7000p. I’ve heard Netgear makes some good stuff, so I checked them out and holy crap do they make a lot of routers that all seem the same.

My budget is around $180 or less, unless going up another $20 gives me something ground breaking. I’m replacing a TP Link TL-WDR3600 which is already, but requires reboots all too often, especially during big downloads and is a little unreliable in some sections of my house. It sits in the middle of the 2nd floor of a 3 story house that is 20 ft wide, 50 ft long and in the suburbs. I’m a light gamer and I’ve got kids that are always streaming video. My main 4K tv is wired in (not on WiFi).

Any thoughts on a good router at the moment? Thanks.

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Re: Which Netgear Router

Your home is roughly 3000sqft? that correct? (20ft x 50ft=1000sqft x 3 stories)

If so, I'd actually look at a renewed (not new) RBK43 on amazon. Its a little more than your current budget but would cover the whole home better than a single solution. 

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