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setting up R6080 as wifi repeater/access point


setting up R6080 as wifi repeater/access point

Hi, I would like to set up my AC1000 WIFI router, model R6080 as an access point for my landlords wifi to connect to my VR headset.

I'm not in IT so sorry if I dont use the terms right. I just want to know if what I'm trying to do is even feasible or if I should just go and buy a new router or that VR dongle with support for what I'm trying to do.



[I want to use a router an access point for a wifi network I am already connected to on my PC via a WIFI adapter. When I try to access my routers settings to configure it as an access point with 'routerlogin.com' or '' I just get sent to the netgear homepage or something called 'arris' the usual admin/password logins dont work on Arris and I'm not sure how to proceed. ]


I live in a duplex where my landlord provides my home with WIFI (yes its included in the lease) from a normal modem and router from his unit. I do not have physical access to his router or modem. I connect my Windows PC to his router via a USB wifi adapter for gaming and streaming. the connection is fine. However, I want to connect my Meta Quest 2 to my PC via air link/virtual desktop. The best way to do that I understand is by having my Quest 2 connected to my PC using a router thats as close as possible to where I'm playing with the headset. Ideally the same room. Additionally I dont want the latency between the PC and Quest to rise if he starts using the wifi heavily.


Optimally I want to setup my router as a sort of extender connected to my landlords wifi network. This way I can connect my Quest to my PC for virtual desktop or air link and still use the wifi to download apps to the Quest. If I have to, I would be happy just setting up my router as a network without wifi to connect my PC and Quest.

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Re: setting up R6080 as wifi repeater/access point

to setup the R6080 as an access point it needs to be hardwired in.

You could always ask your landlord if you can hardwire it in. that'd be the best option for speeds. 

the R6080 is one of the most base model devices netgear makes. I don't think it has a repeater/extender mode (that I found in the manual) Its also only a 10/100mbps device. The VR headsets use a decent amount of data so the better connection you can have, the better. Not sure if it'd have the throughput to handle the VR setup. 


One thing you could try is if you're pc has an ethernet port, you can set it to act as a bridge. 


Then connect the router to it in access point mode. Not sure how well it'd work or if that sketchy setup would work with the oculus's as they need quite a bit of bandwidth. 

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