FIXED - GS108Tv2 Java View Device error

SOLUTION to Java view device error

Take notice that there have been many questions about this and Netgear has failed to answer them since around 2015.


I know very little about Java but there were no other articles so when I got this working I thought I would post the info.

Windows 10 Chrome does not work but when I used Internet Explorer 11 in Win10 (FYI version: 11.508/19041.0 Update versions: 11.0.210)  it did.


Model Name GS108Tv2

Boot Version B5.1.0.2

Software Version 


Model NameBoot VersionSoftware Version


From Oracle website

download a version of Java 7u13 (Others may also work) I used the Windows x64 version "jre-7u13-windows-x64.exe"

You will need to register a free account with Oracle to start the download.


WARNING Old versions of Java have security issues and this should be done offline or in a sandboxed OS and when done 7 should be disabled.


Windows x86 Online0.86 MB
Windows x86 Offline30.05 MB
Windows x8639.77 MB
Windows x6431.47 MB


This was done on a GS108Tv2 but I assume this will work on a GS110TP and a few other in the family as well.
If you have any issues, there are a few additional things you can try.
1. Try disabling all other Java versions like 8 and only having 7 available under the Java Control Panel in windows control panel.
2. Try Resetting all java warnings and Restore security Prompts in security tab from the windows control java panel, then restart the internet explorer browser.
3. In Java panel Try adding an exception Site List for the IP address for the switch eg or or or whatever your switch ip address is.
4. Try Java panel ADVANCED tab and turn off the Certificate revocation checks (2 of them from memory) TEMPORARILY.
Netgear, take notice that there have been many questions about this and Netgear has failed to answer them since around 2015.
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Re: FIXED - GS108Tv2 Java View Device error

Fixed by turnig back the time for many years by using a legacy Windows browser (because it's one of the last ones still allowing NPAPI) and installing a Java version with NPAPI. Yes, that was the way it was when these switch UIs were designed.  8-)

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