GS510TP cannot log in to the user interface


GS510TP cannot log in to the user interface

Followed the adviced bellow. Now, I cannot log in into the swich even after a reset! Please help!


New Features and Enhancements:

  • Default “password” must be changed when you log into the switch for the first time.
  • To configure SNMPv3, Authentication Protocol must be configured as MD5 or SHA. The ‘none’ option for Authentication Protocol is no longer allowed. 
  • Change the default setting for Smart Control Center (SCC) management from enabled to disabled.  Note: SCC Utility can still discover the switch.

Known Issues:

  • The stored password format of v7.0.0.9 and v7.0.0.10 is incompatible with v7.0.0.20 if the length is greater than 15 characters. 

Workaround: Please change password to default “password” before upgrading the firmware from v7.0.0.9 or v7.0.0.10 to v7.0.0.20 or newer version.

Firmware Update Instructions:

Download Link:

To update your product’s firmware, follow the instructions in your product’s user manual. To find your user manual, visit, enter your model number in the search box, and click the Documentation button on the product page.

The released zip contains the switch firmware (gs418_510txp_v7.0.0.20.stk) and MIB files. Unzip the file to extract the switch image for firmware updating.

The USB storage device that you attach to the USB port of the GS418TPP must comply with the following requirements:

  • The USB device must support USB 2.0.
  • The USB device must support the FAT32 or VFAT file system. The NTFS file system is not supported.
Model: GS510TPP|8-Port Gigabit High Power PoE+ Smart Managed Pro Switch with 2 SFP Ports (190W)
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Re: GS510TP cannot log in to the user interface



What specific advice did you follow?  Was it the first sentence in the "New Features and Enhancements" or the "Workaround"? 


What is the behavior of the LED lights of the GS510TPP?


How did you perform a reset on your GS510TPP?  Did press the Reset button or the Factory Defaults button?  Be reminded that the Reset button is equivalent as rebooting the switch.






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