NOOB VLAN Question

Total VLAN Noob question here.


My router has a special VLAN for GuestWifi on port 10.

Now i got an accesspoint without VLAN-tagging possibility.

This accesspoint is connected to the GS724T switch.

How can i configure the switch so it "converts" the VLAN10 on port22 in a manner that when i connect the accesspoint to this port, all the clients receive an VLAN Ipaddress in stead of a normal IP...?


Model: GS724T|24-port Gigabit Smart Switch
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Re: NOOB VLAN Question

Hi pauley, 


Create VLAN 10

Go to VLAN membership 

       Select VLAN 10 under VLAN ID.

       Marked "U" as Untag for port 22 and "T" as Tag the uplink port under Unit 1 where you getting the VLAN 10 DHCP pool like VLAN aware router or windows server.

         Click Apply

Go to Switching > VLAN > Advanced > Port PVID Configuration

          Change the PVID to VLAN 10 for port 22.

          Click Apply



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Re: NOOB VLAN Question

Excellent step-by-step explanation by @Nodism1125 


@pauley wrote:

My router has a special VLAN for GuestWifi on port 10.

A dedicated port might indicate that this is not a tagged VLAN, so the switch port connecting to the router can run untagged (U).

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