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RADIUS for Switch Management GS724T

I'm trying to use RADIUS authentication for switch management security on a few GS724T switches. I setup the RADIUS server in the web GUI, and I can login, but it's giving me some sort of weird read only access, where I can't make any changes to the switch (most things that can be changed I can't see). Has anyone gotten this to work? I tried Netgear support, and they were clueless.
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Re: RADIUS for Switch Management GS724T

Ran into this myself just now.
In case anyone else is wondering about this, you need to add "Service-Type = Administrative-User" in your RADIUS reply message.
With FreeRadius, this can be done in the users config file, ex :

admin MD5-Password := 7c0565dbadac11282339d213d7ba3524, Huntgroup-Name == "internal"
Service-Type = Administrative-User
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Re: RADIUS for Switch Management GS724T

Thanks for responding to this. I gave up a long time ago, but will revisit this now. Is there a way to specify a user, or do you change the admin password, and then tell the RADIUS server to return that password?
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