Stacking on S3300


Stacking on S3300


I have a couple of questions to the switch S3300:
- Is it possible to connect three switches to a ring with the 10Bbit ports while they are not stacked?
- Is it then possible to do a stacking installation? (while they are already connected in a ring)

- When a stacking installation is done, do the settings of the switches remain at the switches (VLAN or LAG settings)?


Thank you!

Model: FSM726v3|ProSAFE 24-port Layer 2 Managed Switch|EOL
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Re: Stacking on S3300

Hi Janrot,


The S3300 only supports stacking at 10 Gigabit and it also supports 100, Gigabit, or 10 Gigabit, when used for Ethernet and not Stacking. Yes, it is possible to do stacking on a ring topology(for redundancy). The ports works as a T or Tagged port and the switches are working as a single logical switch and can be managed using 1 user interface.


Here is the reference.


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