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VLAN terminology in NETGEAR switches

In many NETGEAR switches that support VLAN (specifically 802.1Q VLAN), terms like tagged port, untagged port and PVID are used when configuring VLANs. Other vendors use terms like access port and trunk port. Certain NETGEAR Fully Managed Switches even allow you to choose between these two methods.


Do ordinary users who are interested in configuring VLANs understand the terms access and trunk? Is that method simpler than tagged, untagged and PVID?

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Re: VLAN terminology in NETGEAR switches

Hi everyone,

I'd like to add that NETGEAR Fully Managed Switches (M4300 stackable series, M4100 standalone series, M6100 chassis series, etc.) all offer the choice between industry standard Access Ports and Trunk Ports with Native VLAN, versus 802.1Q legacy Untag, Tag and PVID method.

I am very interested in your comments, too!

Laurent Masia
NETGEAR Senior Product Line Manager, Managed Switches
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