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My Stora is dead


My Stora is dead

Been away on vacation for the past 3 weeks and I got back today and my Stora is showing the usual brick signs. Power is running into the device and HD is spinning but no lights on the front of the device. I figure the board inside is fried somewhere as ethernet is not working nor is the usb on the front of the device.

Tried a reset by holding in the reset button for over a minute but no luck.

Reading posts of other people with the same issues and it appears they have had to go back to Netgear support.

My Stora is about 2 years old.

I have raised a support ticket with Netgear support, however my question is as follows:

If I go out tomorrow and buy another stora, will the existing HD in the dead stora just be able to be plugged straight into the new one? or is there some formatting of the drive that means the drive will only work with my dead stora?

Or will I be able to buy another NAS altogether and plug my HD into the new NAS?
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Re: My Stora is dead

Stora has 3 year warranty so ask for a replacement.
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