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sdnick484 Posted a solution whoever has a stora and did a factory reset (like I did) and how has become a paperweigt.
 Anyone with enough linux knowledge can help out pls ?


1. On a Linux system, ensure you have tftp-hpa, nfs-utils, wireshark, & u-boot-tools installed.

install ubuntu


2. Grab a rootfs image from here (link to Dropbox: Debian-5.2.9-kirkwood-tld-1-rootfs-bodhi.tar.bz2)

I downloaded the above and extracted in the linux path: /mnt/Axentra/marvell.nfs.rootfs/


3. Extract the root image at: /mnt/Axentra/marvell.nfs.rootfs/


4. Create a stora uImage using the steps in step 2 (I used the from the rootfs date "Updated 25 Aug 2019" - this is where u-boot-tools comes into play)

Can anyone please post the commands or maybe if he would record the whole process and post it on youtube that would be very helpful :/


5. Set up tftp to server that uImage file (i used tftpd, but inetd/xinetd could also work)

6. Set up NFS to export the location in step 3; my exportfs looks like: /mnt/Axentra/marvell.nfs.rootfs/,sync,insecure,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check,nohide)

7. Configure nfs-utils to use nfsv2 and UDP (they're no longer used by default). My nfsd parameters are "-u -V 2"

8. Configure your ethernet port to use and connect a cable from it to the Stora

9. Fire up wireshark, unplug the stora, press and hold the reset with a paperclip, and power it back on

10. When you see the tftp traffic, you can release

11. If you did the above right, you should be able to log in after a couple minutes via ssh root@10.x.x.x with the password root (where 10.x.x.x is the IP of the stora which seems random).

12. Mount the Stora's rootfs via: ubiattach /dev/ubi_ctrl -m 2 -O 2048 && mount -t ubifs /dev/ubi0_0 /mnt/

13. Place your authorized keys in /mnt/root/.ssh and ensure permissions are correct (700 for .ssh) and enable root ssh in /mnt/etc/ssh/sshd_config

14. If all has gone well, you should be able to reboot and get back into your stora via root ssh keys.

My previous reply seems to have disappeared, so I'm going to try to post it again:



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Rif.: Stora Software alternative

I can share what I have done but you need to give additional info on the kind of help  you are expecting.

The procedure is well descrived at

The "alternative" image is not available do so you need to refer to what is descrived in your post to be able to use it


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Rif.: Stora Software alternative

1.JPGI followed the instructions on your link however when I switch it on (while pressing the reset button till there are 3 green flashes) it is showing ip


I am starting to giving up on this :/

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Rif.: Stora Software alternative

just saw your other thread, will trythat Smiley Happy

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