Stora can't find new HDD



Im using netgear Stora and RAID1 (MS2000)

When I bought the nas (many rears ago) there was two WD disk included."WD20EARS" 2TB sata 64MB cache

One week agod one of the disk failed (secondary disk)( there was a red light on disk two in the fron panel)

I order a new disk that was made for NAS. "WD Desktop Red 20EFAX"  2TB 265MB cache.


I closed down the NAS and inserted the disk. After it started up both lamps was green on the front panel and I thought everything was ok.  But when logging into the panel I could only see one disk. I have tried to restart, flip out the new disk and in again but nothing happends.

I even removed the working disk and inserted the new disk in the primary slot. In the panel then it said that there was no disks.


Is there anybody that have an idea on what could be wrong and how to fix it?


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