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Why Plissken?

Every time I attempt to remotely login to [storaname] (or any variant thereof) I either successfully login (about 1-2% of the time) or I get redirected to:

I never named mystora (MS200) that, nor ever willingly typed it, same thing happens on 3 different machines.

Now, sometimes I can login remotely, without touching a single setting at the local end. But its a cold day in h*ll when that actually happens.

I can access the unit remotely using a shared link (another clever broken piece of code -- the remote link worked, accessed the Stora, asked for a login password (never had one, near as I knew), so asked for the password to be reset, get a dialog that says "reset failed" (or words to that effect), and then dumps out, try the remote link a 2nd time, same thing, 3rd, same thing, eventually it works though and dumps me in (NO PASSWORD WHATSOEVER), then - already with access to the shared folder -- The webUI askes for a new password (and a second entry of the password as usual), never asking for the old password --- so I can only cross my fingers that this is some fluke of initial use of the remote link when no password was set. -- Of course I can only download from that remote shared link (which is useless to me)

So, I can access (somewhat reliably) with the remote shared library.
I can hardly access at all with the remote login, and most of the time I get redirected to a bogus hipname of plissken --- someone must like Snake at Axentra -- so what gives Roby?

As of yesterday (4/28/2012) Stora had latest firmware.
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Re: Why Plissken?

If you try to login directly by external ip address, does it always work?

Obviously your issue is very isolated, since there aren't tons of post like this, so instead of randomly asking us what gives, you should probably e-mail with your product key, and your external ip address, so we can do real investigation.

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