Mdgm, it states that you're a Netgear moderator. Do you have any sources of information that can explain something about the mystora/hipserv situation?
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I expect we'll post something soon. We're assessing the situation.


I can say that some key concerns raised about the Stora in the thread don't affect our current NAS line, the ReadyNAS. Our ReadyNAS products can all be locally managed. Whilst an internet connection is required for the ReadyNAS to use any Cloud features, do remote updates downloading from our update server directly to the NAS (local updates don't require the NAS to have an internet connection - obviously your PC would need to download the firmware so it would need to be connected to the internet to do that) and to use our APT repo, core features work fine without any internet connection. Many of our ReadyNAS customers choose to have their NAS units on private networks with no connection to the internet.

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I have reset (default factory reset) yesterday my stora (ms200) and trying to setup it again. Got "" not reachable and can not continue and using again my nas. Is there another way to complete init.setup (after default factory reset) without needing ("offline")? It is very daft now, I can not use my nas, WTF

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No. It's not just the cloud and settings that can't be reached. The NAS itself is also acting strange as several users (and me) have already reported. Authentication on the NAS takes forever causing SAMBA to lose connection. Windows systems can eventually connect to the shares, but will intermittently (every couple of minutes) lose connection for about a minute or so. Other OSes (like Android) can't connect to the shares at all...
It's good to know that the ReadyNAS isn't affected by this, but that doesn't help the Stora users (unless offcourse Netgear were to exchange all affected users' Stora with a ReadyNAS free of charge)

Please give us an update as quickly as possible. Right now my Stora is just an expensive paperweight as I can't use it.

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It's weird to state here that ReadyNas isn't influenced. Other brands are not influenced as well. We're talking about a major group of people using a Netgear product that was bought not such a long time ago. And they can't use it anymore. There should be a solution given by Netgear. No one else. Just reopen or send us an update in the firmware to exclude the nesecity of stora to access the site and give back the stora to its users. The hardware is not the major problem. Not being able to access our data is much worse. Come on Netgear!!!
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This response really just sums up where Netgears priorities are, quick off the mark to state there current NAS line is unaffected so as not to affect brand reputation, but we're just left with "I expect we'll post something soon".


I think someone needs to release this to the press, thats the only way to force their hand beacuse then it will tarnish the brand name.

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The question is, when is "soon"? The service has been down for 2 weeks now, this is the first communication we get from Netgear.

Judging from the "advertisement" for their new products, it feels like there's a "too bad, you're screwed, here's a 5% discount coupon" message coming up.
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Have to agree with @andygeo and @Dimitri1337.... I'm not sure anybody in this thread cares much about ReadyNAS being uneffected........ it is almost like @mdgm-ntgr is trying to say we should move to ReadyNAS - but with the kind of service I'm getting at the moment (i.e. almost nothing) and with certainly no forthcoming explanation or any sort of feedback there's no way I'm buying *any* NetGear product.


I was hoping for something from other NetGear Moderators and an Administrator over night (my time) ( @DexterJB@FramerV@JamesC@ChristineT) but, alas, nothing.


I got tired of waiting - I used Virtual Box and got hold of an ubuntu image and an disk enclosure - got ubuntu running, mounted my NAS disk and exposed the ubuntu to a USB HDD and copied my files.....waiting new Synology NAS drive.



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Just adding myself to the list of upset customers.

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mdgm no the Stora is not fully functional without network support.

In my case I can access my Stora fully from my Windows 7 computer. However I also use an Android device (Fire TV) to access media from the Stora - when I try and use SMB (which was working for years before) it asks for a username and password which I put in, but then it won't go any further. I can gain access to my media by using UPNP but certain media types (notably ISO) are not compatible with this protocol.

As I said before I'd be happy with a patch which made the Stora a fully functional 'local network only' device as it's the internet capabiliy that is causing me all the problems. 

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I would recommend for everyone to post on the netgear Facebook page to raise awareness on this issue.
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Hi mdgm, My stora was not working properly i.e. I couldn't see files on it and the access via mystora wasn't working therefore I chose to reset it to try and setup from scratch. Not that I have reset my Stora, it is no longer accessible at all. The setup fails and I can't access it via the web or windows explorer. It's as good as a brick with flashing lights... please create a patch or get mystora back online.
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Sorry meant to say "now that I have reset my stora..." above. This forum is pretty old in terms of its features... I can't even edit my post or respond directly to a comment. Anyway I'm getting off topic which is NETGEAR PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM YOU HAVE CREATED.
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I had to smile when I saw this on the Netgear Facebook Group:

'Future proof your home now and power all your current & future devices with the new D8500 Modem Router'

FUTURE PROOF !!! - we now all about that don't we Smiley Happy Come on Netgear sort things out before you start to suffer (self inflicted) reputational damage.

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I wrote on their Facebook page and asked if they still support the Stora. My first post was deleted, and the second one is two days old now and still awaits answer from them. I also wrote a private message and got an automated reply that states that I will recieve an answer within 24 hours. But after 48 hours still no answer... Thank god I didn't buy a "lifetime" premium subscription on mystora....

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Here's the thing... I don't just want local access to a shared drive... I want internet access to it --- THAT is why I used HipServ.


I originally bought a LaCie "Internet" Edition home server running Axentra's HipServ.  When it came to upgrading for bigger storage and better hardware, I moved to NetGear's Stora (running HipServ).  Accessing from work using "Nomad", sending secure links to friends to share videos, documents, pictures.... YEAH, that was HipServ!   But, based on my internet research, it appears the HipServ software was sold off to someone and that person/company has let the Server used for us to communicate with our home Storas, run out.  Slowly we saw certificates expire, I got warning in my broswer that the HipServ portal (mystora) had malware on it, or other suspected activity ---- Then, as of April 29th, 2017, we could no longer connect to any of the portals using the HipServ server.  Every company, Verbatim, LaCie, Netgear, etc all suffered with no access to their internet connected home servers we own.


I dug a little on the internet... Axentra seems to be no more, their offices in Canada are closed, the co-founders are now running Kwilt...A similar product to HipServ but based on photo sharing.  One of Axentra's top internet/forum help people left the company 2 years ago and has no info on what happened to HipServ.  Brian Barry, most recent contact on seems to be the owner/tech of the HipServ app for Smartphones and perhaps is responsible for the servers.  He did not respond to email.  He also seems to be an investor based in Canada....  Chairman at Net Cognative Partners, Wyzelink, PinPoint GPS solutions among others.


While I don't know the arrangment Axentra had with all the manufacturers that licensed HipServ.... My "argument" is that Axentra..Or the current admintrators of HIpServ, is the key to a solution while NetGear probably doesn't have a solution for us.  It's like going after Ford or GM that you car doesn't work when the supplies of gasoline went out of business.

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More like someone comes up to your house, removes the tires from your car and says "we know it was part of the complete product, but hey you can still use it as decoration?"
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We're still assessing the situation to see what we can do. Stay tuned.

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At this point, I need a working solution. When you say, the ReadyNAS is not affected. What does that mean? Does it use a priority solution that will always work as long as Netgear? With the level of non-support and lack of information, I'm inclined to take my business elsewhere and never use another Netgear product. 

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Dear mdgm,

thanks a lot for assessing the issue. Could you please let us have your comments on:
- as stora provided some premium membership, what is the position of NETGEAR vs the benefits of premium membership now interrupted?
- as stora was functional and now it is also slow on local usage, what is the solution to get back the initial or normal performance of our stora?
- as NETGEAR is probably getting this service from a Supplier, what are the measures NETGEAR implements to keep control of the suppliers?
- can we, as NETGEAR users, help NETGEAR somehow to obtain more support from your supplier?

Please mdgm, I like NETGEAR products but I believe that such issues impact negatively on the company score and opinion from Customer, could you please escalate to your proper Management the fact that those service interruptions impact on your Company reputation and you may observe effect of those issues in the future years as many current Customers won't come back?

We as Users and Customers appreciate NETGEAR as Hardware or as solution, but we need support to stay with you.

I have purchased more than 25 NETGEAR devices, I like your products and I like to cooperate with support or beta for helping in giving better or more stable solutions, but this time you touched me/us in a sensible point: our data; we need to trust in a solution (I understand hw failure, I can't understand server shutdown). Please escalate or inform your related management about the fact that some of the Users here are experiencing a big loss of data, in this data there may be family pictures or important data as Stora was meant to be a NAS.

I really hope NETGEAR will take care of our requests, please keep in mind that although STORA is a very small market portion of your products, Customers / Users will not do this evaluation when they'll see a NETGEAR product on a shelf of a shop or on a page of a webshop.

We really hope in your understanding and problem solution, this would bring us back to be happy as we know this problem is spread over other companies too, therefore we expect you to surprise us with Care and we'll (or at least I) remember it when some "detractor" is blaming NETGEAR for something in a webforum or in a webgroup.

Hope in your understanding and problem escalation, hope my post can help you to deliver our messages.


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The Stora is an old product that we stopped making some years ago now.


There has already been some insightful comments by users giving their thoughts as to why the server going down would be a challenging situation for us.


We're looking into what we can do.

If you are using your Stora for your business, can't access your files, but need to urgently you could hookup your disks to a Linux PC and copy the data off using that for example, or you could get your data from your regular backup. You have options.


Considering how old the Stora is it may be time for you to consider purchasing a ReadyNAS. You could restore your backup onto the new NAS.


We have current ReadyNAS products that are regularly receiving firmware updates,(with new features, bug fixes etc.) which can be used with ReadyCLOUD or some other Cloud solutions like OwnCloud, Egynte etc. or none at all.

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I dont have the option to take a plane to get to my NAS. That's the whole and only reason I bought one. To remotely acces my files.

Yeah let's buy a ReadyNAS. And in a couple of years it doesn't work anymore and Netgear won't communicate about it. Not falling for that again. Time to switch to Synology
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mcrs969, we're looking into what we can do. I wish it was as simple as just flicking a switch to turn a server back on, but it's not. We'll update the community once we've concluded our investigation.


The server outage doesn't affect the data. There are options open such as restoring to a PC from your backup or using e.g. a Linux PC to get your data from the Stora disks.

If you have the primary copy of important data e.g. family pictures on your unit, you should have a backup.

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Hi mdgm,


thanks for your reply.

I understand that I am not fair when I expose you to make a "risk evaluation" or "risk assessment" of a public forum so I will not provide my comments to your rationales as I believe this is not the proper page where to perform this. I thank you for sharing with me a reply that I understand, I don't fully share it but I believe this is not the appropriated location to discuss it, I am available in private if you are interested in my comments.


I also agree on the fact that Stora is old, hence I inform you that ReadyNAS is in my cart of Amazon from December as well as in my pricing tracker as I was considering to upgrade since December. Stora costed me less than 100€, now I have to pull out more than 200€ for ReadyNAS, NETGEAR does not cover a lower price range and those Customers here complaining may be feeling betrayed and move to the competitors for the price range slightly higher of Stora but still lower than ReadyNAS, actually I am also re-thinking about my ReadyNAS upgrade after this fact which happened.


On the other hands it is now clear to me that there is commitment in helping us and I am greatful for informing us about this, therefore I will wait for your news regarding this, confindent that I will be reassured that this was a supplier uncontrolled issue and we can trust NETGEAR is taking care also of the older devices and then we can consider it for our future (specially when storage is concerned).


With problem escalation I meant to escalate the fact that your NPS (Net Promoter Score) is suffering lacks like this. In the case of Stora few Customers would lower their score, but in case of other products (spotless from similar issues as you may guess) the impact may be higher.


Those words are spent as I really like NETGEAR products and I feel sorry for what we are passing here.


Regarding solutions for data, I have a complete backup of my Stora, on my other Stora... Smiley Very Happy (as I have 2 Stora) and I am able to access them as I haven't restored my Stora but I wish to tell you that on SMB Stora became way slower since is offline.

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If you don't have backups or access to a Linux machine (like me) but use Windows.. then here's how I got my files restored......but you will need:


- USB enclosure to pop your hard drive from your NAS into and your OS supports that enclosure ( (hopefully you have two drives with RAID configured so your data is on both drives nice and safe!!)

- Spare USB HDD with plenty of space to copy your files to



- Connect both enclosure and USB to your Windows machine

- Download and install Virtual Box (free) ( you also need the Extension Pack probably, download and install that too

- Download Ubuntu iso image ( and store it locally (there might be a 32bit image if that's what you need)

- Run Virtual Box and create a New VM of Type Linux, Version Ubuntu (64 or 32) - ensure you have your USB HDD added in the USB tab.

- Start the VM and when asked for startup disk, select the ubuntu iso image.

- Once the image is running, select "Try Ubuntu".

- Now follow these - - the Ubuntu image should be able to see your USB enclosure with your NAS drive installed - once in "GPParted", select the dropdown in the top right hand corner.

- after the "nautilus" command - you should be able to see the "/media/stora" directory and the USB HDD drive in the UI for you to copy files over to.


I suspect these instructions could be clearer but I'm writing them from memory. I cannot be held responsible for any data loss during the following of these instructions.


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