stora ms2000 Please Help -stuck in gaining root access after factory reset

after reading  lots of post and docs and asking some questions (many tanks to  
KarlChang that helped me a lot) today I've decide to start the procedure described at "Netgear Stora Cannot Registration" post by  sdnick484. 

Every things seem to be ok untill I reched step 11, as when I triet to log in via ssh I got "connection refuse error". Here is my try from the host computer:

root@Asus:/# ssh root@
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

I've checked the fstab entry which seems to be ok. (pls. see the the attached log)

Obviously I must have done a mistake somewhere, but even if I've checked several times all the previous steps I am not able to find it. So I'm stuck and I bag for some help.

To try to improve my debugging I also attached a serial interface and logged via putty the whole section in the attachement. I hope to get some help in this way.

The tftp and the nfs export seems to be ok as  I can even get root access via serial console providing the password "root" at the prompt (pls see the log file) :

"Give root password for maintenance
(or press Control-D to continue): "

Even if I'm getting root access via serial terminal, I'm not able to mount the stora rootfs as ubiattach command in not  present on the kirkwood 5.2.9 image

Is there any alternative way to mount stora rootfs with modprobe and mount command? 

I'm really a beginner in linux enviroment and I need some help to go haead.

Thanks for your patience


Model: MS2000|Media Server|EOL
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Rif.: stora ms2000 Please Help -stuck in gaining root access after factory reset

I've attached the log file was not included in  the previus message

Model: MS2000|Media Server|EOL
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