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Help! Is this faulty?

I've recently purchased a EVA2000 on Monday and I seem to be having issues with it.

Its connected to my D-Link wifi router which also has my iOmega Home Network Hard Drive connected to it.

I install the EVA2000 and it loads up, then I'm presented with four options on the home page, 'My Collections', 'Movies On Demand', 'Live Internet TV' and 'Settings'.
Out of those four options I can only access 'Movies On Demand' which presents me with one movie channel 'Crackle' and 'Settings', nothing more. Each time I select 'My Collections' or 'Live Internet TV' it just jumps to the next option.

It tells me that its connected to my network okay and test speeds are high.
I've tried using on my laptop running Windows 7 - PlayON, WMP12, TVersity and Twonky Server for the EVA2000 to find my iOmega and addtional channels, but nothing changes on the menu. My laptop shows EVA2000 on the network so that tells me its connected okay.

I placed an MP3 and DivX file on a USB stick, which it found and read okay, but once I stopped play. It wouldn't let find the stick and I had to take it out and reinsert it again for it to show me the files.

Are these problems due to a software issue? The current firmware is 4.0.0. Does it need a firmware upgrade, if so, how do I install it?

Many thanks! Smiley Happy
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Re: Help! Is this faulty?

Apologies, I had an issue with my PC and thought my first post didn't submit. Can the admin team delete one of the posts please. Smiley Surprised
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Re: Help! Is this faulty?

Did you ever get your issue resolved.... I. Have the same problem
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Re: Help! Is this faulty?

Nope, I have to use a USB stick to be able to access my network drive.
Contacted Netgear who eventually stopped replying to my emails through technical support after they told me I needed a firmware update yet couldn't provide me with one. So I'm no further forward really.

I found the firmware open source file but no idea how to upload it or access the FTP to install it.

I've also noticed that Crackle has now been removed which is a shame as it had a nice choice of films and TV programmes to choose from.

To be honest, unless I can somehow upload the firmware, this was a bad buy and think its rubbish that Netgear still allow for this product to be sold and not provide any support for it.

If you've just bought it recently, send it back. I wish I had now.
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