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Net ID login failed

I set up my Neotv 350 as instructed by the manual. When
I want to play videos or other media, it asks me for Net ID and Net password.
I enter my username, but login fails.
I do not have a windows password set, network discovery is on, and pass for file sharing is off.
What can I do?
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Re: Net ID login failed

Are you trying to access files on a win 7 PC?
If so....
I have been having the same problem, unistall Windows live-worked for a while then stopped working, I found windows installs something like "windows live ID sign in assistant" as soon as I unistalled that everything worked again...but it has re-installed itself again after that so i'm not sure if this is a permanent fix?...also they have fixed this issue on the 550 why can't they do the same with the 350?
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Re: Net ID login failed

totally works for me! spent 4 hours of my life checking,rechecking settings everywhere, hey presto! get rid of windows live essentials problem solved, as I don't use windows live essentials anyway, top result.
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