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Reloading too often

Shows have to stop and reload way too many times. worked fine for a month, but now ugh. I called support and they suggested unplugging and then plugging in unit. Didn't work. Please help. Thank you
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Re: Reloading too often

Are the shows having to reload, or are the rebuffering? Only reason I ask is if is constantly having to buffer that usually indicates a network performance issue. If you're using wireless I'd try wired to test if the buffering goes away. If it does you've got your answer, and can try troubleshooting the wireless. If you still have problems with a wired connection, then I'd run an Internet speed test to see if something is going on with your Internet connection.
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Re: Reloading too often

I had the same situation using 1.5Mbps DSL service. Way too slow. Recently went to 15 Mbps cable and works like a charm! Would suggest a minimum speed of 3 Mbps.
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