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A8000 with Mesh Router


A8000 with Mesh Router

I had a problem with the A8000 always defaulting to the mesh router's 2.4GHz band. Most solutions I have seen depend on manipulating the settings via the router UI. My mesh router did not allow me to do this (EERO pro 6E).

Here is a solution that I used to permanently resolve the problem.

Open the WiFi Change Adapter Options.

Right click on the A8000_NETGEAR icon and select Properties.
Click on the Configure... box.

Click on the Advanced tab.

Click on the Preferred Band option and select 3. Prefer 5GHz band.

Click on the OK box to the save settings.


Reboot your PC to ensure the new changes are permanent.


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Re: A8000 with Mesh Router

Good tip.


Is this in Windows?



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