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Wireless Adapter WNA 1100 crashes computer


Wireless Adapter WNA 1100 crashes computer

I just setup AT&T Uverse service and was given a Netgear WNA 1100 to use. The only thing the product has done is cause Windows to crash with an error: IRQL_Unexpected_Error. It started doing this when I entered the network key, and then later started doing this with just the wireless adapter inserted.


I did research the error and came to the determination based on posts in the Microsoft forums, that there is a known hardware conflict with this adapter and Windows. Netgear support however seems to disagree with this, and they say that it works up to Windows 10. I turned off the wireless on my laptop and installed the drivers from the CD that came with the adapter. It seemed to go well, but then the laptop crashed as well.


Two completely different hardware configurations with the only similarity being WIndows 8.1. I get the same issue on both computers. 

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Re: Wireless Adapter WNA 1100 crashes computer

Can anyone help me with this?


I have downloaded the Windows 8 software from netgear and installed it onto my Windows 8 desktop. The minute I enter the network key and click next, Windows instantly crashes. 

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Re: Wireless Adapter WNA 1100 crashes computer

Hi @cbrookhart,


Try to install the driver of the adapter manually.


1. Remove the software and driver installed on the your computer

2. Install the USB driver version (Supports Win10).

3. Once installed manually update driver software. Open Device Manager , select the WNA1100, right click , select Update Driver Software.

4. Choose Browse my computer for driver software

5. Choose Let me Pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

6. Select the one with NETGEAR INc.





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