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problem installing ne router software


problem installing ne router software

I am having trouble with my wifi   and tried ton open the app but n can't because it says it is damaged.   downloaded the software but got the message belownetgear app.pngHow can I solve this 

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Re: problem installing ne router software

...a little bit confused. The product referred (the EX6400) is a WiFi extender, not requiring any driver installation. 


The screenshot on the other hand looks like some Mac based program, probably some Netgear USB WiFi Adapter driver installation. So please tell us more about this USB WiFi Adapter (make and model), what USB Device driver your attempt to install - and then (last but not least) which Mac model, and what kind of a CPU is on board, and which MacOS version.


Neither an EX6400 nor the undefined USB Wireless Adapter are routers.


Once the information is more complete, I'll suggest a moderator moving this thread to the appropriate community section. like the USB WiFi Adapter section, to discuss Wireless USB (A6000 and A7000 Series) adapter products.

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Re: problem installing ne router software

And many of the USB adapters aren't compatible with the newest versions of macOS. 

So a model really is important. And what version of macOS you're on

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