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Cannot hear internal phone calls but external works

Hi there,


not sure if this is the correct platform to be raising this issue but i am out of options.


we have had new Netgear FS728TP switches installed today to enable our new Horizon phone system. everything was going perfectly fine until we tried to make calls internally. 


external call work no problem at all however when trying to call an internal extn, we cannot hear anything.  


i installed the app on my ipohne and also connected to the router provided to us by Gamma and i can make internal calls no problem and both parties can hear the call.



the problem is when we are calling internal phones which are both connected to the netgear swtich.


i may be missing somthing so simple but i cannot figure it out for the life of me.


any guidance on this issue will help!


thanks in advance

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Re: Cannot hear internal phone calls but external works

Hi Ashiv04,


Welcome to the community!


The switch does not have anything to do with your internal network if it is not passing thru as it is already working externally. You may need to double check the settings on your PBX or from your firewall. But definitely, your switch is not the issue here.



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