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Daisy Chain 2 x GS108PP


Daisy Chain 2 x GS108PP

Hi there,

I'm trying to daisy chain 2 x GS108PP switches I own. 

I'm using them for larger security camera wiring job.

Originally, I had 2 cables coming from the router to GS108PP, and had no issues.

They decided to move the router, so I'm trying to connect the switches to each other, but it isn't working.

All devices on the switch that goes directly to the router work fine, but all devices on the 2nd GS108PP that goes 1st switch does work. 

I'm tried cutting one end of the ethernet and turning it into a cross-over cable (read online you dont need to this), but I gave it a shot, and it still didnt work. 
I then connect an extra GS108T switch I had (only 1 port POE), and the cross-over connect I just made works fine with that switch. When I try to plug back in that 2nd GS108PP switch, still doesn't work.


Anyone have any ideas ?

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Re: Daisy Chain 2 x GS108PP

Is this issue limited to the case of using two GS108PP?


Is this issue affecting only one one the two GS108PP switches, also when adding the GS108T with just one of the two GS108PP?

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Re: Daisy Chain 2 x GS108PP

Hello @ronnie_to,


And welcome to the NETGEAR Community! 🙂


This type of switches GS108PP are just passthrough switches and they are unmanaged so there is no need to configure an IP on it. Usually when you plug in the device it should work as is, your only indicator is the port led lights. You can try to use other ports or try to interchange the 2 switches and see if it will behave the same. If it results on the same which from the daisy chain the second switch does not give connectivity, then it can be a potential issue on the switch. You may want to raise a ticket and send over to Netgear Engineering team for investigation.


Have a lovely day,


Rene D 
Netgear Team

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