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Daisy Chaining GS108 through outlet?


Daisy Chaining GS108 through outlet?

So I’m having a bit of an issue. I can’t upload pictures from my phone on here so if they are needed I’ll upload tomorrow, as i need to get to sleep but this issue is eating away at me.

So I have fiber internet through Midco. I have two switches. Switch 1 is in the office, it has PC1 and PC2 connected, as well as the router and Midcos Pod(Wi-Fi extender).

Switch 2 is in my closet, which houses Ethernet cables to the outlets and some box that has to do with the fiber. It may be due to the device on the end of the CAT5 (I believe Fiber to cat5 device, can find out tomorrow) but I want to make sure it’s not my switches. Both are GS108 switches.

Port 1 on Switch 1 runs to Port 1 on Switch 2. Whenever I try connecting a 3rd PC I get an unidentified network connection, and it fails to allocate an IP. I’ve tried using the outlet in the living room to connect a PS4 through LAN and it also fails to obtain an ip. Also tried restarting Switches and router several times.

Are the switches not connected to each other and extending the network like I think they are? I contacted my ISP support and they suggested I may need another pod to plug into Switch 2, but she also said it was out of her knowledge and I don’t see how a Wi-Fi extender is what I need here. However I could be wrong. Would appreciate any info, thanks!
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Re: Daisy Chaining GS108 through outlet?

The pods (apparently Plume-designed SuperPods with Wi-Fi 6) are just simple WiFi "repeaters" (or extenders), and are connecting wireless to your main WiFi router - whatever is handling the routing and NAT for installation. Usually, this is done on another box, somehow also connected to the Midco Fiber Internet -or- they provide a so called CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) which does include a NET router and a WiFi access.


Is this a new installation? From your problem description, this looks like the wall ports and the switches might be connected to a device not working as a NAT router, instead, there might be connections patched to multiple ports where one can connect usually just a single computer or a NAT router.


Said this: No, you don't need an additional Pod. Instead, you need to figure out what is providing the WiFi connection. This is where the switches (probably via your in-house cabling) should be connected to, instead of just the fiber box. Challenging your ISP is certainly valid on what and how of their equipment should be installed, and how to manage your network with the WiFi ... where the Pods and in case your mobile phone does connect to - by WiFi.


Chime back if you need more assistance and ideas 8-)





PS. Yes, some photos if the installation (where the Fiber box is, and where I guess should be the WiFi router) might be helpful.

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