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GS 108 V4 Not Connecting to more than one device.


GS 108 V4 Not Connecting to more than one device.

Hello all,
I bought this switch recently to use at my new house at school. I have only been able to connect one device at a time, whenever more than one device is connected, I lose connection to all devices connected. My topo is simply:
Router — Cat 6 — GS108 (Port 1)
PC — Cat 6 — GS108 (Port 2)
PS5 — CAT 6 — GS108 (Port 3)
XBOX — Cat 6 — GS108 (Port4)

I have many roommates, so obviously we are trying to get ethernet to our gaming devices + my pc.

I have tried turning off the switch inbetween connecting devices as suggested in another post, no luck. (even though this switch is supposed to be auto sensing). (I do however need to do this for the first device to connect, just a quick power cycle, but after the first device no internet connectivity is achieved)

The error I receive when testing network configuration is a DHCP error, which has me thinking the switch is talking backwards to a device once more than two ports are used (one for device, one for router) but it is unmanaged so no way to tell. I have all brand new Cat 6 + cables, as I saw there were issues with cat 5 cables. Not sure what else to do.
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Re: GS 108 V4 Not Connecting to more than one device.

Almost a classic here in the community: This isn't a switch issue. Much more it appears you are operating the switch on a device intended to operate one device only e.g. on a cable modem which is configured to issue one IP address only, intended to drive a NAT router on the WAN port..

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