GS105 randomly shutting off, how to get hardware replacement?

Hi, I have a less than 2 year old GS105 that was fine up until a few days ago.  It now appears to shutdown (all lights off) several times a day and then will come back 5 minutes later.


I have tried to file a lifetime warranty claim online but after answering all of the questions, the only option I get is to purchase a support contract, search the KB, or ask here in the forum.  I was sort of expecting some sort of way to do a warranty claim?  I called the 800 number  and have been transferred for the 4th time now.  I am still on hold but its been 20 minutes since anyone has last picked up.


Is there an easier way to do a warranty claim?

Model: GS105v5|ProSAFE 5-port Gigabit Switch
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Re: GS105 randomly shutting off, how to get hardware replacement?

Hi @amheck,


I advise you access the GS105v5 support page here then click on pinkish red button that says "Guided Assistance" to get a replacement and follow the steps.


Otherwise, you may open a chat or online support ticket with NETGEAR Support here at anytime.  Kindly state the status of the GS105v5 switch. Be ready to submit a .doc or .pdf copy of the Proof of Purchase or Sales Invoice of the GS105v5 switch for warranty verification.  If ever the hardware warranty is still valid, an online replacement will follow.






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