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GS108, BT Home Hub6, FTTP Modem


GS108, BT Home Hub6, FTTP Modem

Good day all, 

I have a GS108 unmanaged 8 port switch which i have had for a few years sitting in its box which I now require to use to allow me to LAN connect more devices to my BT Home Hub6. I have Fibre to the premises which runs a CAT cable to the WAN port on my BT Hub. This leaves me three LAN ports to plug devices in. When plugged in, they all work ok. But, when I plug the GS108 into the BT Hub, nothing connects to the internet that is plugged into the GS108. Everything still in the BT Hub is fine. I can get to the Hub manager page throught the GS108 and can see the Hub sees the device ok (all devices DHCP is on), but I cannot get any web pages to come up at all.

Am I missing something obvious here or is the switch faulty now please? I had noticed that even getting to the Hub manager page took a while and was very "clunky".


Just need to know if the setup I am trying is correct. I am informed it is jst as simple as plugging the GS108 into the Router.



This fails

-------FTTP Modem---------BT Home Hub6---------GS108-------Laptop.


This is fine

-------FTTP Modem--------BT Home Hub6---------Laptop


Thank you in advance for any help


Model: GS108|Gigabit Switches
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Re: GS108, BT Home Hub6, FTTP Modem



Welcome to our community! 🙂


This is just a plug and play device. Please double check your cables if there are any loops connected to the switch that makes it not to work with your network. You may also try to isolate the devices in order for us to check if this is already a hardware fault. If it is already faulty, you may open a ticket here and let our support team know the status of your switch.





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Re: GS108, BT Home Hub6, FTTP Modem

Thanks John. 

In the menatime I got another swithc leant to me for a day and this worked fine so it must be faulty hardware. New switch works ok now.


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