Re: GS308 Unmanaged Switch Port Speed


Re: GS308 Unmanaged Switch Port Speed

@bobpak Bob,

Thank you again for the complete report. @CageyH has confirmed the very similar thing (among some other issues - that's why i had suggested to open a dedicated thread on these). 


@bobpak wrote:

...should I expect this switch to identify 100Mb vs 1Gb connections per the labeling on the front of the panel above

the ethernet ports or has the case been mislabeled?

One of these, and the possibility of product/brand privacy come into my mind. Based on the picture, it's unlikely these LEDs are dual colour - but this is just my personal impression.


Be aware I'm just yet another Netgear customer, but have managed to bring this discrepancy to a Netgear desk in San Jose, and know it was forwarded to the Asia based product engineer in charge, including the link to this thread.

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Re: GS308 Unmanaged Switch Port Speed


Sorry. It's our mistake. 

GS308 port LED supports single color only. So, the LED is alwary green when it's on.

The information in IG is correct, but it's wrong in switch front panel.

Also, it's not belong to S350 series. 

We have corrected it in October. 


Model: GS308v3|8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch
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