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Network traffic high


Network traffic high

The switch GS605 unmanaged switch aappears to generate a huge amount of traffic - it's connected to my Telstra home wifi switch/router then to the NBN device.


Would it be better to install a managed switch that might stop broadcast/arp requests etc.

Model: GS605v5|Unmanaged Switch
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Re: Network traffic high

No - impossible* the switch does cause any network traffic. Especially not a non-managed ones. 


*except it's broken oddly.


Well possible there is a loop in the network, grinding the performance to a very low rate. Possible reasons are wired cable loops, wireless "things" like some wireless/wired audio systems with own wireless backhaul, connected to Wifi and wired network.


Granted, light configurable switches like the Netgear Smart Managed Plus have a loop detection feature; Smart Managed Pro switches are supporting STP/RSTP. If these are detecting loops, they will shut down a port. But as per murphy's law, well possible it will be the wrong port - because such a switch is in the core of a home/SOHO network...

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