New initial setup


New initial setup

Hello and thank you in advance.

My family and I are going to be moving into a home that needs to be remodeled. And of course with this, I’d like to upgrade from
Just the WiFi we have at our current apartment. During the remodel we will have most of the walls replaced so the option to run wired connections will be easier. The house is 1400 square feet and has three bedrooms. We will have a TV as well as some form of gaming or streaming device In each room, one desktop pc, Ring cameras/door bell system and multiple wireless devices (phones and tablets). The internet provider will be cable (spectrum) and be 400 Mbps.

My question is what would be the proper equipment needed and how would I go about setting it up the right way? Of course I’ve been watching YouTube videos of racks, patch panels, switches... etc. it doesn’t seem too confusing but I wanted to get some expert help. Thank you again.
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Re: New initial setup



Welcome to the community! 🙂 


You may want to consider the network setup below:


for tom2018.jpg


As shown on the network diagram above, the modem is connected to the WAN port of the BR500 firewall router.  The BR500 firewall router supports VLAN.  You will need to configure VLANs to segregate networks.  For example: you need to separate the Private (or Admin) network from the Guest network.  A LAN port of the BR500 firewall router is connected to a port of the GC510PP smart switch.  The ports connecting the BR500 firewall router and the GC510PP should be configured as tagged ports so that it will become a trunk link. Tagging the ports is needed in order to identify which VLAN the packet belongs to. 

The GC510PP smart switch supports VLAN as well as PoE (Power over Ethernet).  One port of the GC510PP is connected to the WAC510 access point deployed at the 1st floor and another port of the GC510PP is connected to the WAC510 access point deployed at the 2nd floor.  Since the GC510PP supports PoE, it can power on the 2 WAC510 through its ethernet port to where it is connected to.


The ports connecting the GC510PP and the WAC510 should be configured as tagged ports as well because the WAC510 is a VLAN-aware device.  Since the WAC510 also supports VLAN, you can assign a wireless network dedicated to the Private network as well as assign a wireless network for the Guest network.  


To know more about the specification of the BR500, GC510PP and WAC510, kindly access their respective data sheets below:


BR500 Data Sheet


GC510PP Data Sheet


WAC510 Data Sheet






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