Rogue GS105 Prosafe switch


Rogue GS105 Prosafe switch

You all might want to take a look at this ProSafe GS105 just for security reasons. It was isolated as hacked and punching holes in firewalls and just doing all sorts of Rogue activities. We pulled it out of the system and now everything works fine.


Nobody wins if you ignore this.

Model: GS105|5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
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Re: Rogue GS105 Prosafe switch

Exact GS105 model, firmware, suspect activity, ...?

There are many diffferent GS105 models. The GS105/GS105v5 are unmanaged switches, unlikley to be vulnerable; then we have GS105E, GS105Ev2, GS105PE. Few of the later ones received firmware updates to address certain security issues.


Without some more insight, this kind of "emtpy" security report is mostly useless.

Please provide more information, and share the same (or even better much more) to Netgerar via

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