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mode B support


mode B support

According to this posting - https://community.netgear.com/t5/Plus-and-Smart-Switches-Forum/Poe-Mode-B-possible-on-pair-45-78/td-..., the following is true:

> Today's standard compliant PoE switch PSE are able to power on Mode A or Mode B depending on the ability and need of the PD. It's not a user choice, thus nothing to enable.


The datasheet of the GS108P does not mention mode B specifically. I'm interested in using a mode b only PD  (two pair ethernet) with any standard (managed or unmanaged) switch that allows this. 

Model: GS108P|ProSafe 8 ports gigabit switch with 4 ports PoE
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Re: mode B support

The datasheet of the GS108P does neither mention mode A specifically, too.

Common agreement here is the that standards compliant PSE can negotiate Mode A and Mode B.
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