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GS105v4 + DGN2000

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Hi to all,
I just buy a GS105 to exten my home network.

But (since I'm probably stupid) without success.

For istance:
DGN2000 has 192.168.1/

Both have as default gw and dns server.

Then when both are connected to the DGN2000 router all work flawlessy.

When I connect one of them to the switch and then from the swictch I "brigde" to the router, then nothing work (even the ping) and the pc connected to the router can't even identify who is

I try also to connect both to the router and they can't see each other.

Then, my questions:
- is there something that I miss? (a wrong network configuration)
- do these products as a special port to use as uplink
- does the router broken and I must return it asap?

Thanks a lot

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Re: GS105v4 + DGN2000

I try also to connect both to the router and they can't see each other.

Even removed the switch?
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: GS105v4 + DGN2000

jmizoguchi wrote:
Even removed the switch?

Yes. I made this test and no success.ù

Anyway, now I try again (to be sure) and all is working! But I'm not happy since I can't understand what changed since the test of this morning.

I just see different behaviours using different ports to bridge to the router: using port 1 and 5 if seems to work no matter which port I use on the router. While port 2, 3, 4 works worst: if I use port 1 (or 5) and from the "router side" I ping continuosly to "switch side" then if I move to a different port the ping continues to work (I can understand this behaviour since the router already knows where it has to route this traffic and the switch has just to discovoer at which port it is connetted the destination).

Otherwise if from the switch side (using port 1 or 5 to bridge) I ping the router side, then when I change the port the router can't find anymore the destination... seems like that the switch it not smart enough to find (or try) an alternative route when the known route doesn't work anymore.

What I'm afraid if that if noone "inform" the swith that it is on the other side (the router side) then the router will not never find the route to that destination.
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