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1100 Single drive support


1100 Single drive support

I recently purchased an 1100 thinking I could install drives larger than 2tb only to find that it will not support them so I have purchased a 2120.
When I installed two three terabyte drives in the 1100 it automatically started creating a RAID Array. Is there any way to stop it from doing this? I would like to use the 1100 for single drive access. I have a heap of drives with various files on them that I need to sort through and decide what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of but I can't do so if the 1100 is going to turn them into an array as soon as they are plugged in.
Also with the 2120 is it possible to create two separate arrays? I will be installing two 3tb drives and two 4tb drives and I would like to set them up as two separate Raid 1 arrays. This is the way I had them set up on the Blackarmor that I had.


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Re: 1100 Single drive support

You can switch to Flex-RAID.

Do a factory default
During the 10 minute countdown open RAIDar, click setup and choose Flex-RAID and confirm your choice
Delete the volume created by default and create the volume(s) you want. You can create single disk RAID-0 volumes.
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