8TB Capacity, 5TB used, Disk Full!

Hi There!

I have recently put another 3TB Drive in my Pro6. running OS 6.1.3 as of today. This gives me a total of 8TB of Usable Storage.

According to the device Web interface everything is happy and I have been copying more backups to the NAS over last few weeks, but recently I have been getting warnings (via email notification) that my drive was 70, then 80, then 90, and today 95% Full. Then I got a critical warning saying that
continuous protection had stopped until space was available.

How can I be at 95% of my capacity when the combined size of the files in explorer equals what the NAS Says I have used which is nowhere near 95%?

Is continuous backups taking second backups somewhere? I don't need that I backup to USB which gets rolled offsite. Can I see where these snapshots are stored etc and what they are or do I just turn off continuous backups?

Would appreciate any insight.

This is just a home user NAS which has my home Computer, my wifes computer and a replicated copy of 600GB of office server backups stored on it, courtesy of Shadowprotect.
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Re: 8TB Capacity, 5TB used, Disk Full!

If you go into the recover option for the share in the web ui, you will see the snapshot folders. If you don't need snapshots, delete them all and turn off continuous protection.
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