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APC UPS Problems After 6.2.2 Upgrade


APC UPS Problems After 6.2.2 Upgrade

G'day Everyone,
I just wanted to report that I am using an APC Back-UPS RS 1200 LCD UPS device connected to a Netgear ReadyNAS 314 (6.2.2) via USB. Ever since I did the upgrade to 6.2.2 I am getting strange errors now relating to the UPS. At random time I get email alerts indicating:

Error communicating with UPS 'UPS' ().
UPS on Port:USB removed. Manufacturer: American Power Conversion, Model: Back-UPS RS 1200 LCD, Serial: xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Then, checking the ReadyNAS Power settings I notice that the entry for the UPS is no longer listed. To get this back I have to reboot the ReadyNAS.

I am doing some investigating now as I had recently enabled the Disk Spin-Down. I have since disabled that and now monitoring. The UPS and the ReadyNAS has been working great together now for quite some time and its strange that this has only stated to happen following this update.

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

Cheers & thanks in advance.
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Re: APC UPS Problems After 6.2.2 Upgrade

Which firmware did you update from?
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Re: APC UPS Problems After 6.2.2 Upgrade

Hi Homith,
as I have a freeze trouble with my RN104 then I also enable Spin-down option. So now more then 2 days device not freezing.
the same strange issue with UPS now happen as you mentioned.
I already check cable and connections.

My UPS - APC Back-UPS 700
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Re: APC UPS Problems After 6.2.2 Upgrade

G'day I upgraded as per the published update cycle. I went from 6.2.0 to 6.2.2. I have had disk spin-down disabled now for the last 24 hrs and the problem has not returned. Ill enable it again tomorrow and see what happens.

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Re: APC UPS Problems After 6.2.2 Upgrade

It's been a few days now and ever since I have disabled the spin down I have had no issues with the UPS. Just though it may be handy for anyone else who is having the same problem.
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