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Re: After 6.10 update can't access smb shares


After 6.10 update can't access smb shares

Hopefully someone can help I updated to 6.10 as prompted and now my win 10 pc can't access shares. If I go to access them through windows explorer I put in the correct password but it just won't accept it it prompts me again to enter the password. These shares don't have a password. I installed smbplus just in case that is needed still no change. It has annonymous ticked. I created a new share and still the same issue I don't map the drives I access them through the ip address or name of readynas.


If I try to map drive using net use it prompts user name or password is incorrect because there isn't a password.


I can access the nas through the webbrowser.


Any suggestions you would think they would test things like this before realising dodgy firmware. 


EDIT: It works now as this is a office backup the update must have cleared the ADS files so on changing to local users it works now. I will have to take it to the office to do another sync. 



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Re: After 6.10 update can't access smb shares

Can you access the NAS using the IP address instead of the name?  I had that problem and "fixed" it by putting the NAS name in the hosts file.  Not really a true fix, but it gets over the hump.

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