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Alert email - the system is shutting down


Alert email - the system is shutting down

How can i stop the the email shutdown alerts  for a scheduled shutdown - "The system is shutting down".  I just installed three RN102 units and they all do this.  I'm also have both sparc and v2 Duos running for many years and they never considered a scheduled shutdown as an Alert?

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Model: RN102|ReadyNAS 100 Series
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Re: Alert email - the system is shutting down

You can't. I have the same problem. What I did is create a filter on gmail to delete the mails about power state automatically.
Please go to Idea section of the forum and up vote the suggestion submitted about this. Up voting "ideas" seems to be the way NETGEAR wants to take feature requests into account. There was lots of upvotes for Amazon cloud, it's now included...
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