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Re: Amazon backup throttle


Amazon backup throttle

Hi all,


Is there any way to throttle the uploads to Amazon?


I'm on an async connection and as soon as the backups start it maxes my upload and kills my downloads. As I can't manage the time of the backup either, this makes my internet connection completely unusable.





Model: RN102|ReadyNAS 100 Series
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Re: Amazon backup throttle

Hi SteveClikk,


Welcome to the community.


Unfortunatey, I do not recall having an option to setup the upload speed on the ReadyNAS for the Amazon Cloud Drive.


As a work around, if your router has the option; you can setup an upload and download limit.


This might be also a good topic in our Idea Exchange for ReadyNAS.



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Re: Amazon backup throttle

Hi SteveClikk,


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