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Call to undefined function curl_init() on 6.10.0


Call to undefined function curl_init() on 6.10.0

I recently installed Nextcloud on my ReadyNAS, which is running 6.10.0.  The installer package installs Nextcloud 13.0.5, which is an older version.  When I run the updater from the command line, I get an error as follows:



root@GeoffNAS:~# sudo -u admin php /apps/nextcloud/web/updater/updater.phar

Nextcloud Updater - version: v13.0.5RC1

Current version is 13.0.5.
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function NC\Updater\curl_init() in phar:///apps/nextcloud/web/updater/updater.phar/lib/Updater.php:423



How can I enable curl_init on the embedded version of PHP, or is there another way of updating Nextcloud?


The Web-Based installer also fails (without error - presumably the same issue).  I've verified php5-curl is installed, and added the line



To /etc/php5/web and /etc/php5/cli


Any ideas how to get the updater to run?

Model: RN21400|ReadyNAS 214 Series 4- Bay (Diskless)
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Re: Call to undefined function curl_init() on 6.10.0

There is a huge issue with php and 6.10.0. I suggest waiting for @WhoCares_ to resolve it.  Then perhaps purchase the fixed app from http://rnxtras.com  


He gives a brief explanation of the issue there.

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Re: Call to undefined function curl_init() on 6.10.0

I'm aware, and have been monitoring, but would like to patch up my Nextcloud while I can rather than leave an upatched system facing the internet.


If we can get curl_init working, the update will be simple.

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