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Can't access Duo admin


Can't access Duo admin

My Duo has been doing its job for a couple of years now as once I set it up, I haven't touched it. I recently replace the PCs in my house and have been pleased to find that the new Windows 8 machines give me access to the shares on my NAS as I would expect. But, it has been so long since I have actually worked on the administration of the NAS, I can't remember how to access. I tried finding the Radar software but I think my NAS is so old that the software is not uploading appropriately to the Windows 8 machine.

I need help accessing my NAS.

One simple thing I'm trying to understand is how much drive space do I have remaining... I can't seem to find that information in windows explorer (which is where I used to see it on my Windows 7 machine, I think).
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Re: Can't access Duo admin

Is your Duo a v1 or v2? Read this link: http://www.rnasguide.com/2012/01/09/how ... -or-nv-v2/
Is your Duo detected on RAIDar?
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Re: Can't access Duo admin

It is a v1 and I can't get RAIDar installed on my W8 machine. I find the zip file, download it and there is no .exe file.
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Re: Can't access Duo admin

I think you are downloading the wrong thing (perhaps confusing RAIDator with RAIDar).

RAIDar 6.0 is here: https://readycloud.netgear.com/client/i ... RAIDar.exe
RAIDar 4.3.8 is here: http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/ ... _4_3_8.exe

RAIDar 6.0 is nicer, but some setup functions don't work with the duo v1 - so you might want 4.3.8 (or maybe both). Neither download as zip files.

Normally you manage the duo directly from it's admin web page ("Frontview"). (https://duo.ip.address/admin). The default password for admin for your duo is netgear1.

If you don't remember the password, you will need to do an OS reinstall. Instructions for that are on page 16 of the hardware manual here: http://www.readynas.com/download/docume ... 6Dec11.pdf

The OS reinstall preserves your data and almost all settings. The admin password is reset to "netgear1" and the IP address is reset to use DHCP (automatic assignment). Though it is pretty safe, it is always wise to have an up-to-date backup...
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Re: Can't access Duo admin

Thanks so much for the links. Very helpful. I've been able to access via frontview and RAIDar.

One more question: Is it possible to set up an iTunes share on the DUOv1? If so, can you point to a tutorial?
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