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Can't see Duo on network #23915614


Can't see Duo on network #23915614

FNG with a ReadyNAS Duo that doesn't always play nice. Netgear customer support suggested that I come here since my warranty had expired.
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Re: Can't see Duo on network #23915614

Hi whartson.

Have you tried turning the NAS off then turning it on again?

What happens when you do that?

One possibility is a bad disk.

You could try powering off the NAS, removing your disks (label order) and checking e.g. SeaGate disks using SeaTools.

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Re: Can't see Duo on network #23915614

Thanks for the response. I have a ReadyNAS Duo v1 based on the physical configuration of the back. It is running two disks and worked for a number of years.
I have turned it off and turned it back on. Both LEDs for the disks are solid green, the one above it (aCT?)blinks on boot then goes out but blinks every once in a while. The NAS does not always appear as an active client on the router even though it is powered on and connected to router via network cable. When it does show up on the router Raidar doesn't see it. I also tried Ready cloud but that couldn't discover the NAS either. I just relocated to Asia and had it working once then my son unplugged it and I haven't been able to get it going again. I have had it to the point I could see it was connected as a client to the router but no discovery from a pc which is also a client on the router.

I am not a computer guy so please take that into consideration when helping.
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