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Data Recovery from RND4000


Data Recovery from RND4000

Good morning,

last night my Ready NAS (RND4000) stopped working. It looks like a fault in the power supply.

My last backup dates back a month, so nothing really important is missing, but I would like to recover some of the recently changed files.

One option I see is a friend of mine who owns the same system. Is it an option to shut down his NAS, remove / replace the installed disks with the disks from my NAS and copy the data? Or are any obstacles in the way?

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Re: Data Recovery from RND4000

Should work fine that way (placing them on the same order on the other chassis), just make sure that you are using the same FW. If the FW on the chassis does not match and is newer that the FW on the drive, it will update it.

For your failed unit, check if it belongs here:

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Re: Data Recovery from RND4000

Make sure your friend's unit is the same: http://www.rnasguide.com/2012/01/09/how-to-tell-whether-i-have-a-duo-v1-or-duo-v2-or-nv-v1-or-nv-v2/

It's pretty obvious as if the NV+ is the same model the chassis will be the same colour.

If it is a v1 it will have an internal PSU. If it is a v2 it will have an external PSU.
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Re: Data Recovery from RND4000


thank you for your feedback. It's in fact the same unit, and I could access my data (currently I'm running his unit until I make up my mind what to do in the near future).

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