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Re: Duo V2 IP change doesn't stick


Duo V2 IP change doesn't stick

Hello all 🙂
I purchased a Duo V2 (RND2000-200NAS) and installed two 2TB WD Cavier Black drives.
I intend the NAS to attach to a 48-port gigabit switch where DHCP is disabled.
All devices on the network here have static IP assignments in the 192.168.0.xxx range.
On boot, the Duo V2 after not being assigned an IP, apparently defaults to
So, I plugged a PC directly into the NAS and change the PC's NIC to an IP of
Raidar then was able to detect the NAS but showed it in the middle of a "recovery".
I waited for that to finish.
I then had all green lights and a redundant 2TB drive ready to go.
I then updated the firmware from 5.3.1 to 5.3.5
I reloaded the OS and then waited through another recovery process.
Once again, all green lights, and I figure it's time to change the IP and plug the NAS into the switch and connect to it via our network.

In the FrontView/DashBoard program ( I go to "configure/system/overview" and in the "network" row the current IP of is diplayed with a green light and a gear icon next to it. I click the gear to get to options, change the "IPv4 Assignment" dropdown to "Use the following IPv4 assignment" and stick in for the IPv4 Assignment and for Network Gateway and click "apply". I get a popup warning about getting disconnected (which I fully expect) and click "ok".

Nothing. Nada. No disconnect, no reassigned IP. After repeated tries, it just stays at
Where have I gone wrong?

Thank you.
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Re: Duo V2 IP change doesn't stick

This is a known issue when V2 NAS box running in non-DHCP environment , you have to install a DHCP server on any other PC machine to offer an IP address to your NAS, once this done,you will be able to assign static IP address to the NAS.
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Re: Duo V2 IP change doesn't stick

Thank you, Sir.
I downloaded a freebie called "DHCP Server for Windows", had it running in 2 minutes, and once I connected to the Duo V2 it immediately kicked out a popup message stating "Assigning to device <mac address>". I was then able to find the NAS via RAIDar under that IP and successfully reset a static IP of my choice using the same exact method I'd tried unsuccessly a dozen times when no DHCP server was present.
I much appreciate your assistance.

PS - I do have one other minor question... maybe I should search the forum first... the ReadyNAS Photos II add-on seems to be installed by default. I can uncheck the box for it on the Add-on Manager, which turns changes icon from sporting a green dot to a grey dot. But, the remove button remains greyed-out. Can I not completely uninstall the Photos II app?
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Re: Duo V2 IP change doesn't stick

Yes,Photo ii is part of firmware in ARM based NAS,so you will be unable to uninstall it.
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