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Duo v1 not working with Yosemite


Duo v1 not working with Yosemite

Hello, I am new

I have a Ready Nas Duo, and I recently upgrade my Mac from Maverick to Yosemite. My mac will not show the Ready Nas on the desktop or finder. I updated the firmware to 4.1.14, but no luck.

I installed RAIDar to see if it would detect the Ready Nas, but it does not find anything. I do not want to wipe my mac and install Maverick to get this to work.

My friend knows much more and he told me that "I have to run Firmware OS 6 on Netgear NAS for Yosemite to work but that isn't available for your generation" Is my Ready Nas to old to get a firmware update that would allow me to access the drive on Yosemite?
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Re: Duo v1 not working with Yosemite

Can you send me your logs (see the Sending Logs link in my sig)?

Welcome to the forum!
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Re: Duo v1 not working with Yosemite

Hi, I am having difficulty getting logs, as I cannot even get to that screen as I dont know the address to access the Ready Nas. I downloaded RAIDar on my PC, so I could find it, but the ready nas wont even show up. Says that it could not find any netgear storage on my network.

I brought this to my friends, and he was able to find it on RAIDar using his mac (maverick) He is the one who upgraded the firmware to 4.1.14

So using RAIDar on both a PC and Mac and I cannot find the ready nas
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Re: Duo v1 not working with Yosemite


If you can detect the NAS on your friends place there must be something on your network that is blocking the raidar to find it. Please follow the instructions given on this link:

http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detai ... 86%2Fsparc)-on-a-network
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Re: Duo v1 not working with Yosemite

Do you know its IP address (you can check your router's attached device list perhaps)? If so, does it respond to ping?

Also, try https://ip-address/admin and see if you get the web page logon.
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Re: Duo v1 not working with Yosemite

Well, I unplugged the router and the modem, and its working! Something must have blocked it before, but I seem okay now! Thank you kindly for all your help!
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