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Fan Speed | Pro 4 | OS 6.3.3 Beta


Fan Speed | Pro 4 | OS 6.3.3 Beta

I have used a variety of Legacy units with OS 6.x and haven't had any fan issues. However with this Pro 4 it appears to be spinning too fast...

    1785 RPM
    29C - One drive (6TB)
    29C - CPU
    28C - System

Most of the others were around 900 RPM if I remember correctly. It's only been up for a short while and I have been beating it up... will it continue to or re-calibrate itself at some point? I tried a few reboots without any success. Initially it was spinning around 2400 RPM when installed.

Update: Searching I found a post stating the fan on the Ultra 4 needs to spin faster to keep the power supply cool... perhaps the Pro 4 is the same.
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