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Re: File Permissions on Downloads. Can't move, rename or delete files.


File Permissions on Downloads. Can't move, rename or delete files.

Hi Guys


This is not really a question but an answer to a question I asked on the old forum a couple of times without resolution.


Despite setting everything as I thought it should be and leaving most things as defaults I consistently had an issue with downloaded files having permissions set so that I couldn't move them, rename them etc.. It might be that it was something specific to my set up but I had the same issue on a Duo v1 and then on a Duo v2.


For background, I use a service called Showsrss.info to send magnet files for shows I subscribed to directly to a Transmission Add-on running on my ReadyNAS. This works beautifully and the files download onto the Media share on my ReadyNAS before the wonderful utility Hazel moves them and renames them for me. However, Hazel was being stumped because I didn't have proper permissions to move the files. I couldn't work out how to fix this and asked for help here. No-one else had an answer either so I just continued on using the "Reset Permissions" button on the shares tab of the ReadyNAS web interface manually.


I continued doing this until my Web Interface locked up and I was stumped. I followed advice found here and contacted NetGear tech support. I booted the ReadyNAS into Tech Support Mode and supplied the Telnet number to tech support. In the end they didn't have to do anything because rebooting into normal mode seems to have fixed the problem. However, I decided that, as the downloading and streaming seemed to continue working even when I couldn't access the web interface to reset permissions, I should seek a solution to the permissions problem. Netgear tech support suggested asking the author of the Add-On for advice and I did. The wonderful Stefan supplied the following advice which has worked beautifully:


1) Set the permission flags in Transmission so that Hazel can access and move the files, no matter what user initially wrote them to the disk. To do this,

  • stop the Transmission add-on,
  • then click on the “Edit settings.json” button.
  • In the text window scroll down until you find the “umask” entry.
  • Change from 18 (default) to 0. Save the file and restart transmission.


2) Make sure that files and folders within the share Transmission saves the downloads to are owned by “admin/admin” instead of the “nobody/nogroup” default. Make sure that “Automatic Permissions” is checked and to “Reset Permissions” after this change.


Of course you can use both methods in parallel.


I hope this helps anyone else who has had a similar question or who finds themselves struggling with this in the future.


Cheers, Grouty

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Re: File Permissions on Downloads. Can't move, rename or delete files.

Hi Grouty,


Thank you for sharing the solution to the issue that you have encountered with your ReadyNAS. Continue to post suggestions, questions and solutions about ReadyNAS that you think will help the community and its members.



Kind regards,


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