Flex Raid 10 horizontal expansion steps


Flex Raid 10 horizontal expansion steps

I have an updated Pro Pioneer with 6 available drive slots, running OS 6.10.4. 

Currently, it has 4 x 4TB drives in Raid 10 and 2 x 4TB Spares.

What is the best procedure to add the 2 spares?

1. Backup

2. Format the spares

3. Expand or Add Group as next step??

One or two spares selected?



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Re: Flex Raid 10 horizontal expansion steps

To answer my own question:

1. Backup the data

2. Backup the config

3. Format the spares

3. Expand volume with the spares (both at the same time as this is RAID-10)

4. wait for re-sync... Initially showed 130 h to complete; now, 24 h later, shows 50 h to complete. Remains accessible just slower.


Overnight sometime, the unit locked up - unable to access on Admin page, no response to pressing front power button which should have shown status and after 3 pushes, graceful shut-down. Hard shutdown (press and hold) and reboot worked. No error recorded in the logs. This behaviour is not new for this unit, re-syncing or not.


Model: RNDP600E (ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition)|ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer Edition|EOL
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