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Invisible files and shares misteriously connected together


Invisible files and shares misteriously connected together

A couple months ago I installed a Transmission addon on my RadyNAS Ultra 6. For some reason addons-config and webroot shares were created as well. Transmission didn't work so I uninstalled it. Shares remained. This is when the problems started.

When I uninstalled Transmission the whole media share became empty. After a panic I noticed in Raidar that space on hard drives didn't change. I created a backup job to copy everything from media share to backup share (even though media share looked empty). Surprisingly all files were copied there. But it took twice as much space on NAS (media share still looked empty). I cancelled backup job and started to use backup share instead of media share.

I left it as it was for 7 months but as I was reaching capacity of the NAS I didn't want to buy additional hard drives so I decided to remove that “empty” media share. Using RAIDar I removed it easily but when I looked at backup share it was completely empty as well. Shock.

So I decided to take a similar approach I did the last time. I created a new share called Pictures and created a backup job to copy everything from “empty” backup share to pictures. And files started to be copied. Unfortunately it copied only files from 7 months ago (the first time I did that backup job) so I'm missing everything I uploaded in the last 7 months (including all pictures of our newborn son.)

Could anyone help? Are the files still there or are they gone? I'm running the latest firmware. Thank you for any help.
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Re: Invisible files and shares misteriously connected togeth

I'd suggest you open a tech support (http://www.readynas.com/support) case and edit the thread title (i.e. subject of first post in the thread) to include your case number. The files are probably gone but best to ask them to make sure. When you first encountered this issue it would have been good if you had asked for help here and/or from support.
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