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Issue with ReadyNAS OS 6.9.3 and Malwarebytes

Just wanted to let folks know that thaere is a known issue with ReadyNA 6.9.3 web interface and Malwarebytes  If you are using thi current version of Malwarebyes Pro and you log into thReadyNAS Admin interface and then navigate through the interface for a bit, you will get a BSOD regardless of browser used, in Windows 10.  The workaround for this is to turn off Web Protection in Malwarebytes prior to launching the Admin interface.  It took a long time and a lot of work to identify and pinpoint the cause of this problem, and I wanteded to share this with others who may have encountered it.  Malwarebytes is aware of the issue and has acknowledged it.  They have indicated that it will be fixed in the next release,

Model: RN426| ReadyNAS High-performance Business Data Storage - 6-Bays
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Re: Issue with ReadyNAS OS 6.9.3 and Malwarebytes

Thx for sharing this info.

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